Premium Extra Virgin Unfiltered Organic Olive Oil

Ktima Louiza is an award-winning, limited production run organic olive oil of unsurpassable quality. Single-varietal, exclusively from olives of the legendary Koroneiki type, it is the outcome of a unique approach that combines centuries of local farming tradition with the strictest production standards. Olives from our organic grove are hand-picked at harvest and cold-extracted at an organic press. Unfiltered to maintain its full nutritional values and aroma, the oil is then left to ripen in specialized tanks. The result is an olive oil of fruity and delicate, almost airy flavor, and intense olive-green color. Thanks to its proprietary production process it maintains all the natural nutrients of the fruit and very high polyphenol content. Our award-winning opaque bottle helps maintain the freshness, exquisite taste and nutritional value of Ktima Louiza olive oil.