Koroneiki is a unique olive variety, native to Peloponnese only. It gives olive oil of the very best quality, superior in taste, abundant in beneficial nutrients. To bring out the goodness of such a blessed fruit at its fullest, however, takes love, care and deep knowledge.
Always in accordance to Ktima Louiza’s blend of local farming tradition and modern high-end methods, a proprietary procedure is employed and followed with religious commitment. It’s what we like to call our “ritual of love”, that includes the following key steps:

  • Our organically grown olives are hand-picked, one by one, at the ideal point of ripeness.
  • Harvest is directly transferred at an organic certified press, where it is cold-extracted at temperatures below 27o C.
  • Oil is left unfiltered to maintain all its natural goodness.
  • To naturally sediment and ripen, oil is transferred immediately to specialty steel tanks.
As a result, vitamins and antioxidants of the fruit, as well as its beneficial polyphenol content, are kept fully intact. Oil is completely free of chemical pollutants. It’s a miraculous combination that guarantees the unsurpassable nutritional benefits of Ktima Louiza organic olive oil, comparable only to its gastronomy value and flavor.